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Slimbox ® is a renowned and established brand in Australian signage and display industries. We specialise in design, manufacture and distribute compact, versatile, aesthetic LED back lighting solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint for the signage, architectural, commercial and industrial market. Slimbox® product categories range from slim lightbox, magnetic front open lightbox, snap frame lightox, soft fabric lightbox, acrylic lightbox, menu lightbox, under awning lightbox, outdoor lightbox, directory lightbox, freestanding lightbox, LumiPANEL® and Digital Printing. We built entirely base on Australian Standards with 12 month warranty. We also stock standard sizes for same day delivery service to Sydney metro area and overnight service for most cities around the country.


Slimbox® STORE product selections

SNAP OPEN - TA Lite (Std.Sizes)


SNAP OPEN - TA Lite (Std.Sizes)

from 120.00

TAL A4 330x240mm

TAL A3 450x330mm

TAL A2 630x450mm

TAL A1 873x630mm

TAL A0 1220x870mm

Designed and Assembled in Sydney, 12 Month Warranty;

Available to Ship: Limited stock, Australia Wide;

Prices are exclusive of GST & delivery charges.

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Learn more about the TA Lite 

Visit the TA Lite site >

Product Specifications

Product Code: TAL

Thickness: 20mm

Border width: 20mm

Colour: Silver/Black

Face Material: 1mm PETG

Backing Material: 3mm PVC

LED: 2835 12v 10000k

LumiPanel®: 3mm UV

Image Holder: Clip

Package: Bubble Wrap and Cardboard Box


External Size: 330x240mm

Image Size: 310x220mm

Visual Size: 290x200mm

Power Usage: 5.28watt Edgelit

In the Box: 1x P12-36/3a Desktop Adaptor


External Size: 450x330mm

Image Size: 430x310mm

Visual Size: 410x290mm

Power Usage: 7.2watt Edgelit

In the Box: P12-36/3a Desktop Adaptor


External Size: 630x450mm

Image Size: 610x430mm

Visual Size: 590x410mm

Power Usage: 20.16watt Edgelit

In the Box: 1x P12-36/3a Desktop Adaptor


External Size: 870x630mm

Image Size: 850x610mm

Visual Size: 830x590mm

Power Usage: 27.84watt Edgelit

In the Box: P12-36/3a Desktop Adaptor


External Size: 1220x870mm 

Image Size: 1200x850mm

Visual Size: 1180x830mm

Power Usage: 39.04watt Edgelit

In the Box: P12-48/4a Desktop Adaptor

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Digital Print - Backlit Film
from 10.00

Premium Backlit film/Duratran graphic can be printed and pre-installed before shipping. Available modes are Quality Density and Day and Night.

All the artwork will be calibrated to match the different luminosity produced by each lightbox for the best quality outcome. Print Mode: Quality Density, approx. 1000dpi;

Material:  Polyester, 220gsm, Matte, Outdoor 2 years;

Prices are exclusive of GST & delivery charges.

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