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Slimbox ® is a renowned and established brand in Australian signage and display industries. We specialise in design, manufacture and distribute compact, versatile, aesthetic LED back lighting solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint for the signage, architectural, commercial and industrial market. Slimbox® product categories range from slim lightbox, magnetic front open lightbox, snap frame lightox, soft fabric lightbox, acrylic lightbox, menu lightbox, under awning lightbox, outdoor lightbox, directory lightbox, freestanding lightbox, LumiPANEL® and Digital Printing. We built entirely base on Australian Standards with 12 month warranty. We also stock standard sizes for same day delivery service to Sydney metro area and overnight service for most cities around the country.

DLD Slim

DLD Slim features slim 25mm thick extrusion best for small to medium format double-sided lightbox that have restricted space; 

Designed and assembled in Sydney, custom built to client’s specifications; 

Edge-to-edge acrylic face, 30mm narrow bezel finish; 

Efficient yet extremely bright LED Edgelit setup, 4000-6000lux; 

Powered by industry leading LumiPanel®, 30 years non-yellow; 

Scratch resistant anodised silver as standard, plus custom paint; 

Best for counter display, blade signage, suspended graphic holder; 

Artwork can be printed and pre-installed before shipping, available modes are Quality Density and Day and Night. 


Front Open Series

- DLD Slim Double Sided



DLD Slim is designed for double-sided applications that are restricted by space. Its 25mm aluminium body is rigid yet compact for medium sized suspended display applications, such as window displays. 

DLD Slim’s chassis is made from the rigid DL25 aluminium extrusion, 25mm deep, comes in anodised silver with a standard 30mm silver matching border. The 30 year non-yellowing clear acrylic face is fitted with an easy-to-access magnetic secure system. The image can be mounted using its pre-applied re-usable double-sided tape or optional magnetic strips

Recommended Sizes

300x300mm to 900x1500mm

LED Specs

DLD Slim is configured with the industry leading double sided lumiPANEL®. Edgelit setup using latest dual 12/24v efficient and durable(approx 40,000 hrs normal usage) high lumen density SMD LEDs, achieve up to 5000lux. Choose from 3000-10000 kelvin colour temperature. AC/DC adaptor/power supply included.


Every DLD Slim is built strictly based on Australian Standard and assembled in our Sydney production facility. DLD Slim can only be custom built. This product is designed for indoor use only with 12 month warranty. 


Product Specifications 

Bezel Width 30mm (Vary) DLDS
Depth Height 25mm
Light Source LED
Availability Face Holder Face/Backing Light/Parts Installation
Custom Built A Snap-lock N/A 1mm clear PETG face N/A Edgelit S Outdoor use A
Standard Sizes N/A Magnetic S 2mm clear acrylic face O Backlit N/A Wall Mount N/A
Colour Lockable N/A 3mm clear acrylic face S Built-in adaptor N/A Freestanding O
Black  O Insert N/A 3mm opal acrylic face O External adaptor S Suspension S
Silver S Image Holder 3mm clear polycarbonate O 1m Cable S 3D Lettering O
Custom colour O Magnetic O 3mm PVC backing N/A Extended cable O    
    Double side tape S 3mm ACP backing N/A        
    Clip/Sandwich N/A S: Standard   O: Optional   A: Available   N/A: Not available