illumination snap frames

Snap Frames

At Slimbox, we have single sided LED snap frames to suit your every need. All our snap frames are custom made to your specifications including colour and size. Our snap frames are exclusively designed to fit small to medium size illumination jobs and energy efficient LED light sources.


  • With only 18mm thickness and snap lock feature, TA LED Snap Frames are one of the thinnest and smartest display products on the market.
  • Our snap frames are exclusively designed to fit extreme energy efficient and longlife span LED light source
  • Super slim 18mm aluminium extrusion
  • NEW stylish smooth clip frame available in 20/25mm extrusion
  • Snap frames are suitable for small - medium size illumination jobs
  • Custom built for client's specifications
  • In-stock sizes available to fit standard A4-A1 image
  • Anodised silver and satin black as standard colour options,optional colour available on request
  • Suspension system available

Standard Sizes

Frame Width 22-25mm TA LED Single Side Snap Frames
Thickness 18mm
Type of tube LED
Item Code Colour Frame Size Image Size Visual Size
Width Height Width Height Width Height
TALA4 Anodised Sliver 240 330 210 300 190 280
TALA3 Anodised Sliver 330 450 300 420 280 400
TALA2 Anodised Sliver 450 630 420 600 400 580
TALA1 Anodised Sliver 626 872 606 852 582 828
TALA0 Anodised Sliver 870 1220 840 1190 820 1170

Custom Built

TAL Snap Frame Specifications
Frame Width 25mm
Thickness 18mm
Standard Light Source LED
Colour Face Fixture
Border width variability N/A Snap-lock S
Black Frame S Dual-lock fastener N/A
Silver Frame S Magnetic fastener N/A
White Frame O Lockable N/A
Custom Colour O
Face and Backing Lighting
2mm clear acrylic face O Alternative light source N/A
1mm matt clear film S Edgelit S
3mm opal acrylic face N/A Backlit N/A
3mm clear polycarbonate N/A External adaptor S
3mm PVC backing S 1.5m cable S
3mm aluminium composite panel O Extended cable O
Image Holder Others
Magnet poster holder N/A Outdoor use N/A
Double side tape N/A Stands O
Hanging kits O
Double sided convert N/A
Standard sizes A
Custom made A

S: Standard | O: Optional | A: Available | N/A: Not available
*Please check availability on all standard and custom made sizes